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Deunde Global offers the creation, arrangement, and execution of stage shows that have reached audience sizes of up to 15,000. Our impressive productions have received great traction, selling out venues with their captivating experiences. With our years of expertise in staging productions and producing operas, we strive to make every performance an unforgettable journey.

Ben Nazim Muzikali Yapildi (14).JPG


Original Musical

An original musical, adapted from Nazım Hikmet's long-lasting poetry and the music from Zülfü Livaneli. Directed by Mehmet Balkan and Rengim Gökmen acting as the musical director. A production of 130 people included both on and backstage.

Telling the story of legendary Turkish poet, Nazım Hikmet through his love stories and his milestones in his life.



Original Children's Opera

Wolfie Harikalar Operasında is about the adventure of the Director, who falls into a place without time, to bring the opera to life. The adventure begins when the Director, who is trying to get to know the opera, sees Wolfie, Mozart as a little boy, during the audition. While the director asks Wolfie to help him teach opera, he tries to cope with the tricks of Catgirl. A fun and carnival-like story is presented to the audience, with the most famous opera characters such as Carmen, Figaro, Duke of Mantua and Escamillo meeting in the Opera of Wonders.



Dramatic Concert 

Ölmeme Günü: İkinci Yeni Şarkılar, A dramatic concert, Music arranged by Murat Cem Orhan and structured upon the poetry of Second New Movement poets of the Turkish Literature movement.  Cemal Süreya, Turgut Uyar, Edip Cansever, İlhan Berk, and Sezai Karakoç are the main representatives of the Second New Movement, which was born in the mid-1950s as a reaction to the Strangers and Social Realist movement, adopting the closed expression and intensive use of images in poetry.




Immerse in the timeless melodies and graceful movements that define Tchaikovsky's exquisite ballet compositions. From the elegant sways of "Swan Lake" to the lively rhythms of "The Nutcracker," this performance will transport to a realm where music and storytelling intertwine, weaving a tapestry of elegance and fantasy.  With 52 young artists, each bringing their talent and dedication to create a spellbinding spectacle. Choreographed to perfection, "Ballet Masalları" will unfold against a backdrop of specially designed visuals, ensuring an immersive experience.

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