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Duende Global offers complete artist management services as the premier Performing Arts Production and Consultancy Agency. Our knowledgeable team delivers comprehensive management for both local and international scales across performing arts disciplines.


Rengim Gökmen


Rengim Gökmen, a visionary conductor, composer, and multidimensional artist whose captivating symphonies and boundary-defying compositions seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. With a masterful touch that conducts emotions and a creative spirit that transcends music into a realm of visual art and literature, Gökmen's performances become immersive journeys into the heart of human expression, leaving audiences worldwide entranced and inspired.


Murat Cem Orhan


Murat Cem Orhan, a maestro of both the baton and the tenor, whose remarkable talents as a conductor and a vocalist intertwine seamlessly on the world's many stages. As the visionary artist, he orchestrates not only captivating performances but also an entire symphony of artistic excellence. With each graceful movement and resonant note, Orhan's artistry transcends genres, captivating hearts and minds alike, while his directorial leadership continues to elevate the cultural landscape, ensuring the symphonic legacy resonates for generations to come.




Renowned for his diverse repertoire, Raphael Wallfisch, a London-born cellist, has gained global acclaim. He started his journey to stardom by winning the Gaspar Cassadó International Competition at twenty-four and has since collaborated with top orchestras like the London Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Wallfisch's extensive discography includes both well-known and obscure cello works, emphasizing his dedication to British music. Also a passionate educator, he mentors emerging talents at prestigious institutions. Known for his performances on the historic 1733 Montagnana and a modern Patrick Robin cello, Wallfisch continues to inspire audiences and students worldwide with his blend of traditional and innovative music.




Elvin Hoxha Ganiyev, a virtuoso whose mastery of the violin transcends boundaries and redefines musical artistry. With fingers that dance upon the strings, he conjures melodies that stir the soul, evoking emotions that resonate deeply within. As a true ambassador of culture and harmony, Elvin's performances not only bridge the classical and contemporary, but also traverse the global stage, uniting audiences through the universal language of music. Whether commanding the spotlight as a soloist or collaborating with orchestras, his enchanting performances weave tales of passion and prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the symphonic tapestry of our time.


CRR Symphony Orchestra


CRR Symphony Orchestra, a dynamic ensemble that embodies the essence of musical excellence and cultural resonance. With each sweeping movement of the baton and every harmonious note, they conjure masterful symphonies that transcend time and space, evoking emotions that stir the soul. As an ambassador of cultural heritage and artistic innovation, the orchestra's performances bridge classical traditions with contemporary interpretations, enchanting audiences and breathing new life into the symphonic experience.

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Symphonista, the crown jewel of Duende Global as the Symphonic Orchestra. With every resounding crescendo and delicate melody, Symphonista weaves intricate tapestries of sound that transport listeners to ethereal realms of emotion and imagination. Led by a passion for musical excellence, the orchestra's performances are a testament to the power of collaboration and the magic of symphonic unity. Whether bringing classic compositions to life or embracing contemporary creations, Symphonista's artistry knows no bounds, leaving audiences spellbound and awash in a symphonic masterpiece that embodies the very essence of Duende Global's artistic vision.

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