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Duende Global offers exceptional consulting and production services for performing arts and cultural events. With years of experience in the industry, our team is capable of creating and producing any kind of artistic event and cultural experience needs from any institution or brand. Our unparalleled expertise in the field allows us to provide our clients with the best results possible.

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Happenin', where the essence of classical music comes to life in a uniquely authentic setting. This exclusive event, graced by the presence of the top artists of the classical music area, offers a remarkable opportunity to immerse the attendee in the enchanting melodies of the finest Turkish artists. Guided by the masterful moderation of Murat Cem Orhan, the evening resonates with more than just music – it's a musical journey filled with engaging Q&A sessions and captivating storytelling. In this liberating space, the barriers between performer and audience dissolve, creating an atmosphere where passion for classical music thrives. 



Land of Legends

Kenan Doğulu, brings his timeless hit "Forevermore" to life amidst the enchanting backdrop of Land of Legends. This iconic collaboration has reached unprecedented heights, earning the esteemed recognition of the Guinness World Records as "the World's Largest Children's Song Choir Record". Amidst the magic of Land of Legends, Kenan Doğulu's "Forevermore" resonates in the hearts of thousands, capturing the spirit of unity and joy that music can bring. 



Nohlab Studio - NYC

Cutting-edge realm of artistic innovation with "5 Movements," a groundbreaking project by NohLab Studio in the heart of New York City. Blurring the lines between art, technology, and human expression, "5 Movements" transcends traditional boundaries to create a mesmerizing multisensory experience. Guided by NohLab Studio's visionary artistry, each movement unfolds like a symphony of light, sound, and motion, inviting audiences to explore new dimensions of perception and emotion. In the heart of the vibrant city that never sleeps, "5 Movements" stands as a testament to the limitless potential of artistic creativity, offering a glimpse into the future of immersive art experiences.

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